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Hall Rental

New format for rentals at Post 663.

For more information, please download the Agreement Letter below.


Legion Hall building capacity as established by the fire department is 171.
The Legion Hall has no sound system.

The hours of rental are strictly 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. of the rental day.
The renter is liable for all damages caused by themselves or their guests.
The renter is liable if anyone at their party catches COVID at the party.
The renter may not charge for entry to the event.
All tables and chairs will be on the racks when the renter comes to set up for the event.
The Hall must be returned to the way it was prior to the arrival of the renter.

ie. Chairs and tables must be returned to the racks. Chairs must be properly stacked
(a picture is on the bulletin board). Stacks of 10 chairs with two stacks facing away from the
handle, and the third is stacked facing the handle.

Any sticky substances, spills, gum, candy, etc. must be cleaned from the tables and chairs prior to being stacked.

The floors need to be picked up of large items – they do not need to be swept or mopped but they need to be ready to be swept and mopped.

Garbage must be placed in the dumpster after the event.

Decorations are permitted, they must be attached to the wall with tape that does not damage the paint. No staples, tacks, or nails. Decorations may hang from the ceiling grid but not from the ceiling tile. All decorations must be down and out of the building after their event.

Entrance Door Locks.
The renter will be assigned a special code for the kitchen entrance door for their event. The key for the front door crash bar is an Allen wrench and must be returned to the utility drawer after the event. If the key is not in the drawer after the event, there will be a $25.00 charge which will be deducted from the deposit.

In the Kitchen.
There is one refrigerator with top freezer available for the renter to use. All others are locked. (If there is evidence of attempts to open the locked refrigerators and freezer, after the event, the renter will lose all of the deposit).
The stove is available but must be clean after the event. Only the burners and the two ovens may be used. The GRIDDLE/FLATTOP MAY NOT BE USED.
The microwave is available for use.
We do not have a freezer or ice maker available for rental use.
The renter must supply their own coolers if their need exceeds the capacity of the one refrigerator.

If alcohol is served, it may be given to party guests, but it may not be sold.
If alcohol is to be served or available at the party, an Urbandale Police Officer must be present for at least the last 3 hours of the event. There will be a charge of $200 to cover the cost of the Officer. The Legion will provide the renter the request form for the police coverage which the renter must fill out and submit to the police department. If the renter says alcohol will not be served and there is evidence of alcohol at the party, the renter will forfeit all of the deposit.

The charges for renting are as follows:

a. Rental fee is $300 for 4 hours or $500 for 8 hours.
b. A $75 cleaning fee plus a damage deposit of $200 is due at the time the agreement is signed.
c. Once a deposit is received, the date is locked in for that renter.
d. If the renter wants to come in the night before to decorate or to practice for a quinquennia, an additional fee of $50 is added to the rent.
e. If alcohol is consumed, the damage deposit is $300. The damage deposit will be refunded in full if all conditions are met.

The possible reasons for deductions from the deposit are outlined in the agreement:

a. If tables and chairs are not stacked properly, or if decorations are not cleared, an hourly charge of $25 per hour is charged for the time of the rental coordinator in making those things right.
b. If alcohol is served when it is not included in the agreement, none of the deposit well be returned.
c. If neighbors complain to the police of noise or rowdy behavior in the parking lots, none of the deposit will ne returned.
d. If the building is damaged, the rental coordinator will determine the amount of deposit to be withheld.
e. If the event goes beyond 10:00 P.M., that is, if the music is still playing, guests not involved in cleanup are still in the event eating and drinking, or if in the opinion of the rental coordinator, the party is not ended and most of the cleanup is done, the rental coordinator will determine how much of the deposit to withhold. If the cleanup is well underway, there should not be an extra charge If the cleanup is done before 12 A.M. If it goes later, as much as a $100 could be withheld.

Signatures on the document:
The rental coordinator needs to complete the part of the signature page that shows the date of the agreement; the date of the rental; the time of the party (usually expressed in military time )800 to 2400 hours with midnight in parentheses) so it is clear to the renter; and fees for the event. The renter must legibly print their name on the appropriate line, sign the document and give us a valid address. Emphasize to the renter that the address on the agreement is what we will use to return their deposit after the event. Be sure to obtain a signature on the special Covid 19 liability form. This form reviews the liability for anyone getting sick and verifies the renter will follow CDC guidelines in place at the time of the rental.